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Separate Turns, If Only In The Nocturnal Respite

He dressed shabbily most of the times, despite his flamboyant post as a marketing executive By Nhamo Muchagumisa Sakatema felt Lyna in his arms again that night, but something told him that tonight she was rather too real, unlike in other dreams. In his earlier dreams, he had held her close more in spirit than physically, even though the presence of her body always became very real just before a dull wakefulness took over at dawn. The delight her presence in his sleep brought was not of this terrestrial world. The exhaustion that often assailed him when he woke up reminded him of his honeymoon morning with Hilda. Only that with Hilda those experiences confirmed the bloom of a relationship that would last a lifetime. With Lyna it was grievously a different storyline; it was all about the death chamber that was holding on to something the cemeteries across the proverbial bridge were eagerly awaiting. As the thrill of the dream cleared from his eyes, Sakatema was expecting to feel the sudden emptiness on his estranged wife's side of the bed, but someone lay peacefully there, within the reach of his caressing fingers.
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