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Time For Zimbabwe To Be Firm In The War Against Drugs Abuse

On the contrary, police efforts to disrupt drug supply chains are more commendable and worthwhile. They have to keep doing it By Terrence Mwedzi An operation conducted in Zimbabwe called “No to illegal drugs and substances: see something, say something" is bearing fruit, but there is still a lot of work to be done to curb the drug threat in our beautiful country. I would like to take this crucial moment to applaud the law enforcement agencies for recently conducting raids on many drug-selling bases in areas with high population density - mainly in the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. This is the right step in a positive direction - we will achieve our goal. On the contrary, it is not untrue that Zimbabwe is experiencing a surge in drug use, and most of those who abuse drugs are children attending school/young people/young adults - which is very, very disturbing. It was recently reported that eight students were expelled from Harare Dominican Convent High School - for violating the school's drug policy - a clear sign that drugs are now a serious problem in Zimbabwe. Children do the unthinkable every day - and some stories/cases are hushed up.

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