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Educational Outfit Will Offer Specialist Music Production Lessons - Including FL Studio, Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reason - Through To Design And Graphics Applications In Photoshop And Canva The Sunday Express This week the DSE Sunday Express enters uncharted territory with the first chapter of reporting about - which starts off on its front page as: Tinokugamuchirayi paFundayi (we welcome you at Fundayi). Dzidza nerurimi rwa Amai nevafundisi vaneruzivo rwaka dzama pa zvidzidzo zvakanangana reruzivo rwavo (Learn in your own mother language, from tutors who are experts in their fields of practise). The press release which landed onto our inbox this week - and much as we had known about the origins of this project before - it is our pleasure at the Sunday Express to be one of the media partners who are going to publish a running series from this week - of the dictionary of technology words that have gone into this project - and how it is a defining moment for music production and linguistics. told The DSE Sunday Express this week that it would be rolling out a series of articles to accompany the launch of the

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