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Carlitos Pub & Grill Thanks Zoba Football Club For Weekend Sports Festive

The Sunday Express This week Carlitos Pub And Grill released a thank you letter for the Sports Club marketing programme that has been implemented by Zoba Football Club - to put the Wadeville Sports Venue onto the "must-visit" map. After the Sunday Express Online reported to the DSE News Network that Zoba and Carlitos had come together as strategic partners (see article(s) below) to boost the marketing capacity of Carlitos Pub And Grill to the football community of the Greater Germiston community - the venue was a hive of activity this week following the arrival of the Langlaagte Football Club after a football tournament in Germiston. All parking bays were occupied as Carlitos was packed to the rafters with fans, football supporters, the entire Zoba executive, players and followers came to grace the best secret in town - Number 1 Lantana Road in Wadeville Industrial Area - and everyone had a roll, a drink and a bite. As was predicted - Langlaagte Football Club also brought their own legion of supporters to Carlitos - courtesy of Zoba - and the result was that Carlitos came prepared to give back to the visitors - with a round of mazondo on

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