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When The ZEC (Finally) Get It Right: With Rejoice Ngwenya

By Rejoice Ngwenya I am not an expert in Voters Rolls and Delimitation, have spent enough time in my adult life studying electoral laws, never mind the National Constitution. Just like millions of other potential Zimbabwean voters, by now we should know that our country is a multi-party democracy where every adult citizen is 'allowed' to vote freely - this in whatever ward or constituency they want; and for whatever candidate or political party that suits their taste. There are those who also add, rather sarcastically, with an aura of superficial reassurance and false high self-esteem: "I'm also free not to vote if there is no candidate or political party that suits my taste." I have dealt with this lot before in my previous writings, so let me focus on issues of substance. When manufacturers design cars, they design them for 'normal' drivers that have licenses and are assumed to be sober enough to take to the road behind a steering wheel. The Constitution and electoral laws were designed for 'normal' citizens that have national identity cards and assumed to be sober enough to take to the nearest polling station.

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