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Sivenathi Mabuya-Bukani: Face-To-Face With A Household Name

One Two Three Four Host Shamstone in conversation with former ETV Scandal Actress, Sivenathi Mabuya-Bukani on the Get Up Right Show hosted on Saturdays 07h00 - 10h00 on Equal Access Radio. Shamstone Good morning Sivenathi and welcome to the Get Up Right show on Equal Access Radio. Sivenathi Good morning. Thank you so much for having me. Shamstone Awesome, We are very excited to have you on radio this morning. We have been following your acting career, we have been admiring your acting skills, and we thought of bringing you on the show to talk about your acting career. All right. Sivenathi Yay, I’m excited. Shamstone Awesome. We are too, Are you a morning person? Sivenathi It honestly depends. I think I’m a morning person if I’m on my way to work. If not, if I’m at home or my day or whatever, then I don’t really think I’m a morning person. No, I think it depends. Shamstone I know. All right, let’s get on it. Can you please just give us a little bit of background on your acting career? Sivenathi Okay.

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