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Demystifying Illegal Sanctions On Zimbabwe With Tinashe Mukori

The Best Foot Forward, by Tinashe Mukori Following the release of a statement by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to repudiate allegations that were contained in the snippets of an alleged unscreened corruption documentary by Al-Jazeera last week, peddlers of misinformation, especially those in the opposition and some social media activists sympathetic to them, went into a fanatic frenzy in propagating the falsehoods that there are no sanctions on Zimbabwe. They advertently, intentionally apportioned and mischievously misinterpreted this statement, albeit knowing the truth that sanctions are real, to the pronouncements by RBZ Governor Dr Magudya. The release of the alleged documentary has since been postponed indefinitely. Pursuant to the constitutional obligation to inform, let us dissect the *illegal sanctions* on Zimbabwe. And let's put this to rest forthwith! *Illegal* yes! because they are unilateral and not multilateral or 'international sanctions'.

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