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The Desolate Chapel: Fiction Writing With Nhamo Muchagumisa

By Nhamo Muchagumisa I wished it had been his suggestion to take the lonely path back home, only that when I made the suggestion to take it, his acquiescing response indicated that the routine gravel road back home had ceased to be exciting to him as it had become boring to me. So there was an element of collective responsibility. The afternoon sun behind us, we branched from the usual road back home to take the obscure, yet adventurous path back home. We would pass through pasturelands, hillocks, woodlands and ruins of abandoned homesteads, as we would go through a village that had been abandoned because of its proximity to the Save River, the rationale being the frequency of floods as a result of tropical storms and cyclones. We rounded a small green hill, and the strange feeling that we had walked into an entirely new world intrigued me.

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