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Toxic Parenting, And How To Deal With It Effectively

By Diana Bamala Backgrounds play a big role in our lives, our lives are shaped by different environments where we come from and who are we associated with. Some environments are/were toxic and some moulded us. It is not always a case of having parents that assure a good environment. Some cultures have certain rules that are toxic. Socially constructed norms whether build or destroy us. A lot of African environments have embraced and still embrace toxicity. Whether aware or not toxic parenting has played a role in most of our childhood traumas. Some are painted as punishment and others tag it as strict environments have moulded most of us. As young children and even as adults, we have adopted some of the traits we learnt from our parents and still continuing with them. It has been accepted socially over different generations that it is deemed normal. Parents are human beings and that means that they make mistakes, yell too much, or do potentially damaging things to their kids even unintentionally.

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