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The Last Walk Of Innocence: Fiction Writing With Nhamo Muchagumisa

By Nhamo Muchagumisa Soon after Yeukai and I had rounded the green hill, having taken a lonely path on our way from school, I realised that Yeukai looked nervous. She wanted to tell me something, but she held back the words. I resisted the urge to tell her that it would be judicious to turn back and take the usual route back home. It had been her idea that we took the unfamiliar way back home, and I waited for her to make loud her premonitions. I could not respond to her nervousness with more nervousness. I wanted to be her strength when she was weak. I pretended not to sense anything wrong in our circumstances, and so we walked deeper into the twilight world ahead of us. Yeukai did not look like the girl who had fought Benson, my invincible classmate and prevailed over him.

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