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Zana Kay’s Maverick Studio Set To Change The Zim Art And Design Landscape

By Mike Tashaya A very good morning to you folks and welcome to the first day of this month, and brightness. Shorter nights are coming through in winter - which I will take knowing that the doom, gloom and rain of summer is truly gone. But as we sit down today for our final session of #anaudiencewith before breaking off for our early winter and Easter break returning in May there is nothing much brighter than our glamorous guest today. I can't even begin to explain what an absolute superstar we have tucked away in Bulawayo constantly creating fashion masterpieces, something that happens when you blend architecture with fashion, you get an avalanche of creativity and beauty. My apologies if I'm gushing I'm genuinely blown away and I am hoping that you will all be inspired and equally impressed today. Please welcome Zana 'Kay to the DSE News Network and the Sunday Express, and she has promised to answer all your questions today.

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