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Mental Health, Conflict Resolution And Family Transformation At Cape Town Easter Conference

By Wadzanai Chihombori-Ndlovu The Easter Conference of 2023, held under the theme "The Blood of Christ Speaks," was a resounding success. The Easter Conference held in Ndabeni, Maitland Industrial area in Cape Town brought together Christians from all over South Africa and Zimbabwe to reflect on the significance of Easter and its message of hope and salvation. The conference featured a range of talks, seminars, sermons workshops and fellowship meetings focused on mental/emotional/psychological, social/community/familial, economic/financial/business, and human/physical/bodily health benefits associated with our faith. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from experts in the field of mental health, conflict resolution, family transformation, and religion who shared their own experiences and struggles. They learned practical strategies for managing stress and anxiety and for maintaining a healthy work-life balance in their families and communities. The Church President and conference leader, Rev Dr G Masengwe joyfully stated that ‘We are in the business of re-living the power of resurrection because the blood of Jesus Christ speaks better things, and the church in South Africa needs this message if we are to live health Christian lives’. This message was supported by the Women’s Conference President who concluded her talk saying: ‘If we take our

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