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The Final Count

By Nhamo Muchagumisa Manzwi allowed his mind’s eye to escape the present moment, in order to view Yeukai in the simplicity of her school uniform, but within a moment’s haste, he had stripped her of the maroon skirt and white blouse and clad her in her even less impressive home clothes, but that did not slow down his heartbeat. Then he was back to the woman in the exquisite floral dress, the elasticity of which made every feature within its embrace so exquisitely pronounced. No, why not dress her In the even more flamboyant lacy top, and trendy slim fits that women of her age group preferred, despite him lamenting the way such dressing brought femininity to ridicule? That still could not compromise the impression Yeukai had made in his eyes. She remained the only female character whose touch reached the deepest spot in his heart. Yet he was standing face to face with Yeukai the adult, whose perception of male-female relationships might have altered with maturity. Yeukai had turned into the angel he had not dreamt of in the shadow of her childhood company. Her eyes were black gems swimming in white milk.

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