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My Thoughts: Africa’s Future Begins In Our Minds: Joseph Busha

By JM Busha As I started writing this book as a message to you, my dear fellow Africans and every other person on the African continent and the rest of the world, my heart was and will always be filled with so much hope because at each moment in time, Africa is on the cusp of a major positive change. We must seize the moment. We have the power, and always had the power to turn the tide on Africa’s development for our own future and that of generations to come. We tend to look at our failings much more than our successes and achievements. That must change. In this book, I challenge you and I to renew our minds; to change our mindsets and be open to different narratives and ideas that remind us that we are a princely people, a chosen generation. We’ve got what it takes to rebuild our lives, our countries, our continent and our world of abundance because we have done it before.

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My Thoughts: Africa’s Future Begins in Our Minds

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