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The Foul Aftertaste

By Nhamo Muchagumisa Adelle did not only refuse to marry Wapangwa; she declared the end of their relationship soon after rejecting his proposal. Wapangwa struggled to make sense out of the obtaining scenario. Adelle had been his comforter for two years, and the bond they had struck was not only full of the intimacy and loving concern of a genuine love relationship; it was even stronger than a conjugal union. "I'm sorry, the end of our road cannot be said to be a destination," Adelle had said. "But we have become a natural couple, can't we simply solemnise our relationship and be a couple forever?" Wapangwa had asked sensibly. "It was well the way it was. Now that your wife is divorcing you, I cannot fill the void she has left in your life. I wanted you for fun, my responsibility will have to be invested elsewhere." "But it is because of us that Wanaka and I are breaking up. Adelle, you are refusing to look the problem in the eye," Wapangwa begged. "Sweet Wapangwa; I call you that because you are so sweet. I loved you because of the problems you had with Wanaka.

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