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2023 Elections: Time For Zimbabwe To Choose The Best Leaders

By Terrence Mwedzi As the days of the general election approach, we must remind ourselves again that we are all Zimbabweans, regardless of our political affiliation - it is high time for us to start preaching the "true" gospel of peace, unity, and love. We must avoid all forms of violence in the run-up to crucial general elections. On the other hand, it is not a lie to claim that the causes of electoral violence/political violence can be traced to political justification and economic deprivation. There is undoubtedly an urgent need to intervene in the root causes of electoral and political violence in Zimbabwe. In addition, it is quite obvious that Zimbabwe is facing many economic headwinds, so I would like to urge my compatriots to vote wisely in the upcoming elections so that we will not regret again after the elections. People should vote for politicians who have people in their hearts. I would like to point out that all political vultures should be erased from the political landscape.

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