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Fiction Writing With Nhamo Muchagumisa: The Bridal Shoe

By Nhamo Muchagumisa Adelle's body suddenly became tense as Victor directed his lips towards hers for the most exciting moment of the wedding ceremony. After that the couple would sign the document in triplicate and would be declared husband and wife. The floor under her feet suddenly turned to liquid and she began to sink, but before the water reached her neck, her knees hit a hard surface. She was conscious enough to hear an explosion of screams of agony before everything turned black in her eyes. Wapangwa was appalled. He had come to terms with her decision to move on. She had been kind enough to invite him to witness the nuptials. What then was this? The commotion in the chapel was unimaginable. Adelle was quickly carried out of the chapel as prayers were being said from all corners of the building. Outside, an attempt to resuscitate her was futile. "The vehicle that must carry her to hospital is blocked by other vehicles," Wapangwa heard someone saying. His car was even one of the obstacles. Wapangwa came forward and said, "With the obtaining situation, any closed vehicle will do.

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