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Thoughts On My Being With Joseph Busha: Zimbabwe Presidential Candidate2023

By Joseph Busha Chapter 2 As far back as I can remember - I have always wondered and asked: “How is it that we, Africans, are behind other nations in terms of economic and social development? We are not seen as natural leaders, and as such we are treated as inferior human beings everywhere in the world. I wonder. This notwithstanding our equal natural intellect as evidently shown by the number of African professors teaching at top universities, business schools or colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT Sloan, Oxford and Cambridge; and the number of practising doctors and engineers at different leading corporates or institutions – all making significant contributions. Why did we allow ourselves to be colonised, displaced, ruled, oppressed, brutalised and enslaved? Perhaps the answer lies in their superior weapons and ammunition, their trickery and devious nature while we, Africans, naively believed that they had good intentions towards us as we had towards them. Why is it that what should be water under the bridge is still stagnant like crocodile-infested swamps? We have not moved and progressed independently to control our destiny.

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