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The Matchmaker Series: With Nhamo Muchagumisa

By Nhamo Muchagumisa The death threats started coming when Adelle was four months pregnant. It was when the delight of an absolutely new experience had transformed my social life. I had never seen such an emotional dependent! She considered my attention her bread of life. Sometimes she was frustrated into tears when she looked for the baby boy in me and found none, while the baby girl in her cried, burbled and crawled before me. She had found restoration in me, while I was the one who had sought restoration in her. She often enjoyed playing the weaker part in our relationship, something that progressive women had consigned to the incinerator of feminism. My joy came to a jolt when I received a scathing attack from a ghost Facebook account. "Wife snatcher, I will catch up with you and blast your brain matter out of your skull," the odious message read. Only Victor, or someone hired by him could do that, but I was no wife snatcher.

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