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The Match After, If Only For The Replay

By Nhamo Muchagumisa When Adelle told Wangwa that her brother working in the UK had decided to remarry after breaking up with his first wife, he felt his story being retold. Adrian Musendo had been living single for the past ten years, and Wapangwa could only acknowledge the value of this attachment to the opposite sex which people often make a mess of at a great emotional cost. "The miracle in his swear words has finally happened. He had declared that unless a miracle happened, he would remain single for the remainder of his days on earth," an excited Adelle told Wapangwa as they had their morning meal. "I don't think the woman belongs to this age. I think the Almighty has sent your brother a partner from the future. Otherwise, how could he find one among the women of this age when he had judged them so harshly?" Wapangwa said trying to consider why one would finally see the benefit of a marital tie after such a long sabbatical. "The same question replays in my mind, but I won't allow it to nag me anymore once the relationship is formalised.

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