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Chapter 3: Thoughts on Mankind Problems: With Joseph Busha

By Joseph Makamba Busha The world is divided into the rich and poor, developed and undeveloped socioeconomically; and democratic and undemocratic countries politically. People are classified as rich or poor; and as white or non-white, people-of-colour. Sadly, not only do wealth and skin-colour define the stratum of society, they also determine how a person is treated and survives. That’s the way it is, and it’s not right. I believe in the oneness of the human race with all its surroundings as created by the Almighty – the Creator of all that ever lived and is living, seen and unseen. There is so much to share of what was created in the beginning and what is man-made.. So what is man’s problem? Mankind’s problems have been the lack of personal responsibility and accountability first; and secondly - money, race and religions that are used to segregate, discriminate, manipulate and impoverish the majority. Mankind has killed one another for money, and killed just because one is of different skin complexion or religious belief than the other. All developments experienced and still to be experienced have been, and are, driven mainly by man’s greed and insatiable consumption needs.

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