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My Wealth Space Rolls Out Neighbourgood: And Its A Great Investment

My Wealth Space which is Brian Sango’s company has a unique property investment model they take to market. To invest in Neighbourgood, or not to invest in Neighbourgood? That really shouldn’t be a question, tbh Neighbourhood Co-ownership has officially launched, so we thought we’d break down exactly why investing with us is a GOOD idea: ✨ Within our three-year journey of building our hybrid hospitality portfolio, our matrix of community-centric living, working and social spaces has leaped from 1 to 15 - R0 to over R500m in gross portfolio value! Plus, we have been completely self-funded from day one. ✨ Our spaces are specifically designed to suit the growing market segment of remote workers and digital nomads, who are leaning towards living and working in lifestyle cities. Our buildings aren’t just apartments or rooms with beds, but offer a complete lifestyle experience with beautiful common areas and fully functional workspaces - where our community of amazing like-minded humans (consisting of individuals from across the globe) live and work together everyday. ✨ We choose to buy older buildings, which we then renovate according to our model and brand to ‘breathe life into them’.

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