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#Election Wednesday23/08/2023: Like a Railway Slipper, Every Vote (Will) Count

By Rejoice Ngwenya On Wednesday, 23 August 2023, by 6am, I and hundreds of my neighbours will most certainly be huddled along a longish queue just outside Ward 8 Polling Station at Windview Primary School, Ruwa. It could not be an ordinary ‘queuing morning’ like at a bus station, passport or birth certificate office. The spring weather probably will be cool on the side of chilly; and the early morning sun would have long left its scarlet terrestrial footprints, as ordinary men and women go about their usual errands. I say ‘ordinary men and women’ tongue-in-cheek as a metaphor for what I term ‘electoral stupidity’, the epitome and summit of irresponsible citizenship. It is impossible to fathom how, on that morning, when a whopping six million other adult Zimbabweans are patronising thirteen thousand polling stations to determine the political future of a country, these other 'ordinary men and women' go about their usual morning errands. Simply mind-boggling! I say so because - on any election eve, I would not savour a perfect night’s sleep.

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