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#Election23/08/23: Who Is The Purveyor Of Zimbabwe’s Electoral Chaos – Chigumba or Chamisa?

By Rejoice Ngwenya For reasons known only to the departed and the beings who pervade cosmic, terrestrial heavenly domains, Zimbabwe’s Presidential, Parliamentary and Municipal Elections are an era of anguish, pain and untold suffering to most country’s citizens. It would seem to me – and am sure to many – that there is a section of our population whose sole purpose in life is to cause misery and mayhem before, during and after elections. These merchants of despair are aptly referred to – at least in my lingua franca of political marketing – ‘purveyors of electoral chaos’. Do not be perturbed or carried away with my reference to Priscilla Chigumba and Nelson Chamisa in the heading of this treatise. I am a writer of polemics with a blank cheque to stir literary curiosity.

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