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The End Of CCC Is Nigh: Watch This Space

By Kennedy Mandaza Twenty-three years ago a new political party was born out of the labour movement in Zimbabwe. A number of civic groups and student organisations supported this new political party, whose major weapon was the ability of the leaders to organise stay-aways and demonstrations. The ZANU PF government welcomed the formation of this party, because for them they thought it would strengthen the democracy and political discourse in the country. For many rural people the new movement was a party of those who stayed and worked in towns. This was because the party was championing the cause of the disgruntled workers and students in towns. The party which was christened Movement of Democratic Change (MDC) denounced everything that the ZANU PF government had done. Their agenda was to portray everything in Zimbabwe bad and needed to be changed. Even then they would brag that the same country would be liberated in a day if ZANU PF would return it to the former colonisers. At all cost they embarked on a regime change agenda, creating discord in the economy through economic sabotage, organising marches some of which were named "the last march".

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