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Murehwa Farmer Donates A Bull to Fund President Chamisa’s Polling Agents

Citizens Action for Change to Auction the Bull On July 14 At 7pm By Citizens’ Daily Bulletin Correspondent In a remarkable show of support for change, a local farmer from Murehwa has made a generous donation that could make a significant impact on the upcoming elections. Mr Mushayabasa a farmer with a passion for reform, has donated a bull to help raise funds for President Chamisa’s polling agents. The bull will be auctioned off by Citizens Action for Change (CAC) on July 14 at 7pm Zimbabwean time on CAC’s Twitter Spaces. The decision to auction the bull comes as CAC aims to raise funds for polling agent fees and voter mobilisation efforts. With their fundraising campaign already reaching an impressive milestone of $330 000, the donation of the bull adds another unique dimension to their endeavors. Speaking about his contribution, Mr Mushayabasa expressed his desire to support the cause for change. “I wanted to make a donation, but I didn’t have cash, and I wasn’t familiar with online donation platforms.

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