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# ElectionSunday 23/23: C’mon Tshomi, Go Out There And Enjoy Your Vote

By Rejoice Ngwenya Life can’t always be serious. Actually, sullen faces and broken hearts are anathema to human anatomy. However, being a writer of ‘serious politics’ is a highly risky business since one becomes branded to a particular style of writing and identity. I’d bet my last bond note every time you encounter my byline, you’re like, here we go again, who’s he going to lambast or castigate next? I call it the Bruce Willis phenomenon – doesn’t matter how much he tried to play comedy on big screen, his viewers, just like Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Rambo’, would be stuck with ‘bad boy’ imagery. Whenever Willis, Stallone or Schwarzenegger attempt a role at being ‘funny’ in movies, even their smiles are an exercise in feigned happiness, if not superficial delight. Yet we all have our happy sides, as artists. I cut my teeth in ‘fun world’ published writing starting off in the mid- ‘80s with local music for Gama Mutemeri’s Black Beat International.

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