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I Am Independent: And I Am Contesting Aug23 As Zambezi Shepherd Ignatius In Chitungwiza North

By Zambezi Shepherd Ignatius I am campaigning to be Member Of Parliament for Chitungwiza North Constituency in the upcoming 2023 General elections - precisely 23 August. I am Independent. I have been nominated by the people in my constituency - and I have accepted the nomination. I am eager to listen to ideas from everyone - regardless of their political background or constituency. Once elected, my aim is to change the socio-economic and political trajectory of the nation through community-based politics - which is reconciliation and unification of Zimbabweans. Zambezi Shepherd Ignatius is taking this bold decision to fight for the future of his generation. He believes that the seasoned politicians have failed to push for a futuristic agenda, leaving behind the future of the nation and the children. Instead, they are focused on their personal gains, forgetting that they are servants of the people.

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