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Independent Candidate For Glen View North: Abigail Valerie Tsitsi Munyoro

By Abigail VT Munyoro I'm contesting for Glen View North House Of Assembly seat as an independent candidate in my personal capacity as Abigail Valerie Tsitsi Munyoro. I was nominated by my own people who approached me to stand so because they know the work that I have done and the work that I am doing in the community. I accepted the nomination because I know that I am capable of delivering on the hopes of my people. The reason I am participating in politics - especially as a woman - is because our duties as women in politics is to demonstrate political leadership that works across party lines through parliamentary women's caucuses. Championing of gender issues - basically gender equality, elimination of gender-based violence, parental leave, childcare, pensions etc... these are the issues that are not given enough time by many politicians - and this is what I stand for. As we're underrepresented....

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