Time For Change: The Yellow Whirlwind Is Unstoppable

By Oliver Kapepa That the imminent 23 August elections are already rigged is a reality. However, it is also a reality that in spite of the Zanu PF shenanigans to deny Zimbabweans of their choice, the rigged elections are still winnable. In recent weeks, the world, including the SADC has witnessed a terrified Emmerson Mnangagwa morphing into what he has always been - an sadistic anarchist, a Gukurahundi enabler, a man afraid of being shown the exit door, a man afraid of missing out on the gravy train that was his train since 18 April 1980. We have here a man who has made Zimbabweans destitute and prisoners, a man who has single-handedly plundered our wealth, a man who in 2018 denied us our independence and victory lap when he manipulated the final election figures. His borrowed robes are about to be returned to the rightful owner. The man who has never won fair elections, never been wanted, always forcing himself on people and his Zanu PF outfit are on a massive rigging spree. They are on the back foot.

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