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Rejoice Ngwenya: #ElectionSunday23/23: Bad Electoral Management Ultimately Equals To Obscene Poverty

By Rejoice Ngwenya It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that most problems of poverty, unemployment, disease, homelessness, corruption and crime correlate with electing incompetent leaders into public office. Although there is a myriad of reasons why we end up with bad leaders, one of the most evident causes is a national electoral management body that ‘allows’ for or ignores – due to its incompetence and gross partisanship – rogue behaviour in the electoral cycle value chain. Constitutional democracies are clear on what independence of electoral management bodies entails. Democratic electoral legislation outlines systems that should make it possible for free and fair elections to produce undisputed results, yet telltale signs of rogue behaviour is ignored when such candidates should be disqualified. Before you know it, they are either running countries or nestled in the comfort of Legislature. Tragic! Running a country is akin to driving.

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