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The Winds Of Change Are Blowing At A Rapid Rate. Even The State Propaganda Machine Cannot Match The Citizens: Denzel Anderson

By Denzel Anderson Good day Zimbabweans. I can see that the whole country is in mourning after hearing the judgement that was delivered by the biased court yesterday. The problem is that ZANU-PF has realised that they don't have the majority support of our Citizens. Therefore they're trying all their dirty tricks to survive. This Bulawayo judgement is likely to be the same as the other judgement of 2020, which gave the moles of the MDC the remote-buttons to be controlled by ZANU-PF - so that Zimbabwe can have a one-party state. This judgement is more like Gukurahundi which was carried out by ZANU-PF soon after independence. They're trying to instill fear into the opposition so that Zimbabwe be cowered to vote for them. Let's check the status of the voter's roll, it's clear that ZANU-PF is trying hard to rig this election. Bulawayo has been declared a ZANU-PF constituency by default.

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