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Zimbabwe Shall Be The Best For Everyone: President Nelson Chamisa

By Change Champion Advocate Nelson Chamisa The Citizens movement’s philosophy places God first and Citizens at the centre, for the flourishing of happiness, freedom, peace, unity, inspiring justice, and prosperity, as values which guide and inspire government plans, policies, practices and laws of the land, to blossom life, liberty, dignity, security and prosperity of each and every citizen We have an inspiring vision to make Zimbabwe great, transforming her unto a jewel in no time. We will lead and build Zimbabwe beyond aid, restoring our breadbasket status from the empty basket case we have become. We will make our beautiful country more secure, more prosperous, victorious and glorious for every Zimbabwean. We will turn what appears impossible into inevitable possibilities and what appears unobtainable dreams into tangible and lived realities of our daily lives. We will build an inclusive and prosperous nation: With speed, we will restore dignity, hope, and happiness.

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