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Church of Christ [South Africa]: Our Position On The August 23rd Zimbabwe Harmonised Elections

By Reverend Dr Gift Masengwe To the National Executive, National Council, Regional Committees, Congregational Committees and All beloved Christians in South Africa - Greetings. Zimbabwe is entering a moment of leadership choice on 23 August 2023, and many of our members wonder what the Church believes about general elections. As a Church we refer to the infallible word of God to guide our beliefs and actions. We believe that God calls us to be responsible citizens, to pray for our leaders, and to seek the well-being of our nation. Therefore, it is important for us to participate in the upcoming harmonised general elections with a spirit of discernment and wisdom. There are two things in voting: voting for principles and voting for persons. Christians are obliged to vote at constitutional referendums or Bills such as the Death Penalty, Universal Suffrage, Age of Consent etc. These are principles that must advance our humanity. On the second note, we are not obliged to vote for persons into political offices. When we vote for persons we must be prepared to own up what they do when they are in office. It calls for individual conscience and choice.

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