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Savage Sunday: Is Ms Priscilla Chigumba And The Zim Electoral Commission Under Siege?

Rejoice Ngwenya In Ruwa, August 13 2023 - 10 Days To Election Zimbabwe The famous Shona adage “Wadziya moto wembavha” is synonymous with receiving, hiding, or buying stolen property. Although the literal meaning of this cautionary statement is: “You are supping up with dangerous criminals, even sharing the warmth from their fireplace …” it is a healthy reminder not to associate with questionable, uncouth characters. This reminds me of my early years of residency in virgin Zimre Park, when new houses were scattered; the place was inundated with builders and ‘dhaka boys’ who resided in temporary wooden cabins as part of their home construction duties. If a thief made a mistake of stealing building materials, the builders would unite in meting ‘mob justice’. Of course, in the event that the unlucky intruder later died (kafira mberi), each and every mobster who participated in spontaneous injustice would be charged with culpable homicide. My point is that everyone associated with or perceived to be aiding and abating electoral fraud must be treated like an electoral criminal. If not now, history will judge them harshly, for that matter. Today, Sunday, it is just over 10 days before Harmonised Elections.

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