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Ground Breaking News As ICCE Signs MoU With The Zimbabwe Economics Society

The Sunday Express Business Correspondent Ground-breaking news on the Sunday Express Economics front this week is that the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists, ICCE, has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with the Zimbabwe Economics Society - ZES. The ICCE is the foremost and leading global professional body providing the Chartered Economist designation certification programme - and the partnership with the Zimbabwe Economics Society will not only bring fresh perspectives on modernistic news and information - but also the start of a new era in information technologies. ZES is a non-profit and membership-based organisation of economists in Zimbabwe, established for the purposes of promoting the study and advancement of economics and related disciplines. According to the signed agreement, the two organisations will be working together to provide the Chartered Economist global designation to all economists in Zimbabwe. ZES members will have the opportunity to enrol in the ICCE's Chartered Economist programme at a special and discounted rate.

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