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Zimbabweans March At Gohori, Harare And Pretoria For The Second Edition Of The Sadc Anti-Sanctions

By Dr Jenfan Muswere A very good evening members of the fourth Estate. As you may be aware that October 25 is a day set aside to tell the whole world about the illegal sanctions that were imposed by the Western countries on Zimbabwe. My ministry, Ministry of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services has been mandated to build the national image and among them is to tell the story of how the illegal sanctions are impacting negatively on our economy and the livelihoods of our people. Sanctions have had a negative impact on our economy but thanks to President Emmerson Mnangagwa who has introduced transformative economic initiatives that have positively impacted on all our economic sectors including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, medical, tourism and even technological developments. Zimbabwe has been denied access to international lines of credit. Thanks to our inward looking policies, the Government was able to entirely fund the fight against COVID 19 pandemic. In reversing the menacing impact of sanctions as a tool to undermine our national democracy and economic sovereignty, His Excellency President Cde Dr E.D Mnangagwa initiated the engagement and re-engagement policy. In so doing, the President repositioned Zimbabwe’s diplomatic outlook for accelerated investment inflows to

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