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Zimbabwe Pushes For Investment, Re-Engagement And Diplomacy At Second Edition of the SADC Anti-Sanctions Solidarity Summit

By Dr Jenfan Muswere It is my distinguished honour and privilege to officiate at this prestigious Second Edition of the SADC Anti-Sanctions Solidarity Summit (SASS) here in Mutoko Mashonaland East. The first edition of SASS was held in Harare in 2022 as part of the Ministry’s international image building mandate as prescribed by the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS 1). SASS was conceptualised to promote truthful reporting on the illegality of sanctions and the adverse existential impact they have exerted on our national economy particularly in the banking sector, technology transfer, industrial equipment importation. The illegal sanctions initially stifled the growth of the agriculture sector. Likewise, the mining sector has not been spared from these challenges. The medical sector was also paralyzed by the sanctions at some point.

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