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As The Israel/ Hamas War Rages On, Humanity Is Left To Ponder The Long-Term Consequencies

By Terrence Mwedzi The unfolding events between Israel and Palestine are alarming, and the situation in the Gaza Strip is truly hellish, if not terrifying. It is disheartening and regrettable that since the resumption of the conflict between Israel and Gaza on October 7, more than 7,000 innocent Palestinian civilians have been killed and dozens injured in the Gaza Strip, mostly women and children. The reckless and endless bombing of Gaza by occupying Israeli forces has left more than 2 million Palestinians stranded and homeless as their homes have been reduced to rubble - even more Palestinians are still trapped under the rubble - and no one knows if they are still alive or dead. What a strange world we live in! In contrast, what also saddens me is that humanitarian aid is limited as the supply of water, fuel, medicine electricity to Gaza has been constrained. As l pen this piece-more than 25 journalists have been killed in the line of duty - (AlJazeera journalists included).

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