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DSE Property Magazine Premium: Media List:

Concur Estates Agents:
Concur Estates Agent Zimbabwe. Botswana and the United Kingdom. Stands, properties, real estate, commodities, livestock, poultry, vehicles sales, mining equipment. Excellence is not a skill, but it is our Attitude. All property sales, letting, valuations, joint ventures, renovations. mortgages. Also UK commodity brokerage. Facebook: Contact: Bernard Mandiveyi: +44 7935 919511

Etosha Gardens and Shelter Zimbabwe:
Accommodation is our business. Housing, stands and flats through Shelter Zimbabwe. Graves and Cemetery services through Etosha Gardens. See:,
Contact: Chester Mhende: (+263) 77 223 3157

Equity Mortgages: Financial Advisor in the UK.
I am the registered Principal of Equity Mortgages Ltd. We help people from all walks of life to realise their dreams of owning at least their own home, and to investors; BTL Mortgages, Commercial mortgages, building mortgages. Bridging loans and all forms of insurance. Our website is We are authorised and regulated by the FCA under our registered number 975508. Email:
Contact: Stephen Chimunye: (+44) 7944 090 685.

Gumption Properties:
Registered Principal, Certified Estate Agent, Commercial And Industry Broker, Sectional Title Management, Rental Specialist, Property Developer, Club Owner, Hospitality, Music Promoter, iDube Beverages Brand. Gumption Property Website:
Contact Richard Philani Dube (+27) 65 392 6509

Leimen Limited:
Leimen Limited is a Town Planning & Engineering Services Consultancy for the Development Industry. Also owners of NMD Property Forums discussing property investments. Website
Contact: Justice KL Nyakatawa +44 20 8126 6485

Oasis Realty:
Oasis Realty is a one stop shop for all your integrated real estate services. We strive to exceed our clientele expectations. Contact: Lawrence Rimayi: Principal Registered Estate Agent at Oasis Realty. Website: +263 24 2886560, or +263 77 262 5467

Perennial Real Estate:
Property consultant brokers at Perennial Group. Registered Real Estate company as Perennial Real Estate. Dealing with property sales and Auctioneering, Valuations, Property management, Project management and Advisory services.
Contact Njabulo Ndebele +263 785003156 or tel +263 (04) 778673

The Sunday Express Online
News Media. Five million readers every month, incorporating The Property Digest Magazine, Farmers News Network, African Express Television. News, information, current affairs analysis. See:, also facebook, twitter, instagram & multiple channels:
Contact: Editor: Kenneth Chikanga: (+27) 83 476 7918

Three Wingers Enterprises:
Online marketing firm, based in Zimbabwe, we advertise and sell anything on different marketing platforms, we connect the buyer and the seller. Checkout Three Wingers Enterprises on Facebook.
Contact: Gabriel Moyo (+263) 777927818 0r (+263) 774028830

Radio Express

Opinion and Analysis

If Zimbabwe Is A Constitutional Democracy, Why Are Its Citizens Not Free?

7 min 2 weeks

Our state of democracy produces vindictive politics, disputed electoral outcomes and questionable judicial judgements   Rejoice Ngwenya   There is irrefutable evidence that freedom – be it economic or political – has strong bearing on the quality of lives of citizens. We human beings are […]

Current Affairs Features News Opinion and Analysis
8 min 2 weeks

Does Prolonged Monetary Crisis In Zimbabwe Calls For Central Bank Independence?

It is of great development to give a degree of independence to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in order to fix monetary crisis facing our country   By Clement Mupfunya   The benefits of Central Bank independence from political interference are undeniable. In countries that […]

Currencies Features Opinion and Analysis
1 min 3 weeks

The Sunday Express November 13: Countdown To Qatar World Cup 2022

The Sunday Express November 13: Countdown To Qatar World Cup 2022   1. UK Museums Willing To Return Skulls To Zimbabwe 2. Foreign Entrepreneurs Shape The Economy Of South Africa 3. Sharp Media Attacks On Donald Trump…And He’s Loving It 4. Lessons For Revolutionary Parties […]

100-day Book Club Current Affairs News Opinion and Analysis
4 min 3 weeks

High Profile Guests At Inaugural Zimbabwe Repatriation and Investment Conference: Pictures

In the absence of engagement of the affected migrants by both the South African and the Zimbabwean governments on how movements of people would take place, ADC said that dialogue is key The Sunday Express   This week Captains of Industry led by Dr Danisa […]

Business Current Affairs Features News Opinion and Analysis
7 min 3 weeks

The Ominous Cloud

When finally the depth of real sleep sucked me in, I found myself sitting on the floor of the sanctuary   By Nhamo Muchagumisa   Sagura’s sanctuary was up a small hill between two walls of granite rocks that faced each other. The distance between […]

100-day Book Club Features News Opinion and Analysis
5 min 3 weeks

Sharp Attacks On Trump From Rupert Murdoch’s News Outlets

He’s Never Far From The News, And This Time He’s Right In The Thick Of It     By David Bauder in New York   Former President Donald Trump has taken some hits in the aftermath of the midterm elections, but the unkindest cuts may […]

Current Affairs News Opinion and Analysis
6 min 3 weeks

UK Museums Willing To Return Skulls To Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s government delegation satisfied that ‘there are indeed human remains of Zimbabwean origin in the UK By Damian Zane London’s Natural History Museum and Cambridge University have said that they are ready to co-operate with Zimbabwe to return human remains that were taken in the […]

Features News Opinion and Analysis
11 min 3 weeks

How Foreign Entrepreneurs Shape The South African Economy

The whole region purchase most of their business supplies and household staff in South Africa that they send to their home countries   By Bongani Sazy Siziba   South Africa is a destination for immigrants, especially from other African countries. Their presence is complex issue that […]

Business News Opinion and Analysis
6 min 3 weeks

Lessons For Revolutionary Parties From The Communist Party of China

All these maladies that President Xi pointed out in a brutally honest fashion are what is afflicting ruling parties in Africa   Wesley Mashambanhaka   Africa’s revolutionary parties – the traditional powerhouses that saw various countries, especially in Southern Africa win the war against colonialism […]

Current Affairs Features News Opinion and Analysis
1 min 4 weeks

The Sunday Express: November6: ZimSat-1 Blasts Off Into Space

The Sunday Express: November6: ZimSat-1 Blasts Off Into Space   The Sunday Express   1. Zim-SA Sustainability Post Repatriation Conference 2. ZimSat-1 Set For Historic Black Off Into Space 3. Impact Of High-Interest Rates On The Economy: Case Of Zimbabwe 4. Law Of Precedence: Power […]

Current Affairs News Opinion and Analysis
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