We are The Sunday Express digital newspaper, operating on digital platforms as www.zimbabwedigitalnews.com and www.zimbabwedigitalexpress.com.

We are driven by the need to fill the information gap where traditional media has fallen short, and we have consolidated our position as the best alternative media on the Zim-SA corridor, offering a diversity of current affairs, opinion and analysis and a wide network of communities and voices among the Zim communities.

For those who have joined us anew this year, this is your limited edition of the Zim Digital News’ digital media brand product, (portable digital format) and represents our flagship integration of news and current affairs with radio, television, online, and social media platforms.

In recent years the Zimbabwe Digital News – as your national newspaper – has stayed in touch with the world’s best technologies in print media and broadcasting. You may know that our news channels are forerunners on the Zim media landscape – competing on equal footing with some of the big media players in, and outside Zimbabwe.

We have come a long way in the discourse of Zimbabwe’s media demography.
Zimbabwe Digital News has become an important institution among our closest communities, and in leading the narrative of Zimbabwe’s current affairs story and identity, and part of that media integration is innovation in how we lead the discourse of Zimbabwe’s national interest.

In addition to structured changes this year to our programming on the electronic platforms, Zimbabwe Digital News is championing this – the Limited Edition of the Zimbabwe Digital Sunday Express Edition – in which we push the limits in running and publishing a portable digital format (pdf) of our online news.


No-one in Zimbabwe quite does it like we do.

We do not seek to re-invent wheel of news and current affairs. We are simply delivering more than just the news on TV and on radio, but also tell the Zimbabwean story among Zim diasporans with unrivalled analysis of the issues that lie beyond the headlines that you see on our platforms.

Many of you will agree how famed international broadcasters – are strong supporters of their countries’ national interest.

It is true that when you wish to follow the domestic and foreign policies of many of the world’s leading countries, you simply need to watch their news channels.

For us the Zimbabwean story has not been told properly on many fronts, and while we have done a lot in lining up our digital platforms with first world standards, our counterparts in the print industry have not done justice to the debate of national interest.

As Zimbabweans we seem to disagree on almost everything. On the contrary we agree on a few things in terms of the matters that affect us directly.

We agree that there are things that need to work, before we find solutions to the challenges that we face as a nation. We agree that – from a national interest perspective – the Zimbabwean economy must work.

We agree that the currency must serve the population – whether you are a Zimbabwean in Zimbabwe, or in the diaspora.

We agree that the national interest wants electricity without load shedding, running water, good roads and winning sports teams.

We want productive agriculture, and mining, we want tourism and manufacturing, and we want to take our place among the leading nations on the continent.

Such national interest(s) have not been handled properly among many of our communities, and certainly the national interest has been a cause of conflict, even among and within the Zimbabwean media.

With the Sunday Express edition, we will champion Zimbabwe’s National Interest from a Zim diaspora point.

We will champion the Zimbabwean national interest like never before and we hope that you will see value in how we intend to integrate News and Current Affairs. Touch tomorrow. See News Differently.

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